In the middle of night

It was an evening in the early summer of 2012 when I decided to go for a walk. I first finished my chemistry homework and then I put on the soundtrack from Rambo III. Maybe I was harbouring hope that I in my own adventure would reflect the tough and strong Rambo.

I started packing my rucksack with a sleeping bag, a change of clothes and a rain shelter. I also brought sandwiches, blueberry soup, chocolate, water and some parmesan cheese (apparently fat and salt are good for going long distances).

At 22:00 I walked out the door wearing light clothing and with Fivefingers on my feet. I was heading to the home of Kristoffer’s father, Peter, whom I had planned to visit for some time. I didn’t know if he would be home. I didn’t know how far it was to his house. But I knew down which road I had to walk.

I walked easy across the city and reached the countryside where I walked past city-limits of Lund marked with and old stone besides the road. It was a dark evening but the sky in the horizon was lit by cities far away. I tried to guess which ones. I hadn’t really figured out my route but I hoped that I’d find signs leading to Genarp, which is a small town along my route.


I tried to run for a bit, but instantly felt a taste of blood in my mouth. So instead I stopped for some chocolate and a sandwich. In case my motivation would suffer I had my iPod resting in my pocket. But for the time being I was just listening to the absence of the city sounds that usually are so hard to get away from.

I stopped right in my tracks when a run over rabbit appeared at the roadside, or maybe I should say run apart. Half the bunny was gone and all that was left was the internal organs and a bloody mess. I stood there examining the corpse, having a hard time imagining that it once was a living, feeling and hopping animal.


I continue towards Genarp and when I reached there it felt like a victory. I was on the right track and now entering the H├Ąckeberga forest, which turned out to be filled with animals roaming in the night. Every now and then I spotted a roe deer in the weak light from my headlamp.

After a long time of walking both the forest and the sky opened up in front of me. Dawn was rising and I refueled in a wobbly old hunting tower. Fields of grain sprawled across the land, shining like gold in the light from the rising sun. I didn’t feel tired any more, the doubts I had in the beginning had been obliterated and the fact that I was going the reach my destination was as certain to me as that the sun was would continue rising. By now I had walked for six hours. The time was 04:30.


For a while I felt a small stiffness in my left foot and now it had developed into a strain that delivered a sharp pain from the inside of the foot. Heavy clouds approach from the west and I was really hoping to avoid being rained on. Asphalt turns into gravel and I felt happy that the end was near. The last kilometres of my journey I do with a limp. I consider putting up my hammock at the side of the road and sleep, but I chose to push on.

From over the top of the last hill Peter’s house appeared and from the looks of his car he seemed to be home. I took out my sleeping bag and laid down in a sunny spot on the east side of his garden. The time was 06:45 and I fell asleep immediately.

At 09:00 I woke up to the sound of raindrops hitting my sleeping bag. I crawled into my rain cover and stayed there for another half an hour before I walked around the house and knocked on the front door.

“Come in!”, a rough voice shouts from inside the kitchen.

I enter and Peter cracked up in a big smile when he recognized me. We took a walk in his garden, he showed me the guest house that he was renovating and he treated me to a nice (and well needed) breakfast. We talked for a couple of hours before I decided it was time for me to head home.

I was going to walk to Skurup and take the train from there. I soon realized that wasn’t going to be very easy since I had trashed my left foot leaving it completely useless. So I stuck my thumb out trying to hitch a ride. None of the passing cars stopped. Until Peter drives by that is, and picked me up. His neighbour had cleaned out his petrol supply and he was going to town for more. Or maybe he just wanted to give me a ride.

From Skurup I took a train all the way back to Lund.


Adventure: Check!
Distance: 40k
Time: 8 hours 30 minutes

Next time I think I would like some company. Let me know if you’re up for something like this.

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