What I’m about

My name is Dan and I’m a fit barefoot runner.

This blog will evolve around barefoot running, minimalism and my daily adventures. Created with the purpose to share my experiences and to inspire others.

I have been experimenting with barefoot running since the summer of 2012. Laying the groundwork since the fall of 2011 when I took up running with a minimalistic approach. Before that, there wasn’t much running in my life.

What inspired me (as for many others) was Christopher McDougalls book Born to run. After reading the book I was determined to start running with a minimalistic approach. And so I did.

Not only in running. But in life. I believe in a minimalistic approach. This means basically that my life should be made up of experiences rather than stuff (possessions). This is only the surface level of the minimalistic philosophy that I want to apply to my life. But this is where I start.

Some good examples of what a minimalistic lifestyle can be based on can be read here.